Samedi 19 juin 2010

dying alone

Would like to use this literature to you I am hastily away the youth!

Laying all go, and youth in the most dazzling Fireworks at dying alone; I will not cry, let alone I used to always thinking about the fleeting; since you left me, I have learned to use time to remember you `` ````< br> MBT shoes 
those sad memories of his mouth, hidden in the wind you blow away the teardrop; late autumn the leaves wither, a one falling in the memories of you and me; one day, you and me will then look back, feelings of regret that the passage of the ignorant long years.

morning, short-sleeved, cycling, cold, quiet and a good school, those mixed with a little bitter on the minds of the Pan-miss faint: Road remains the same, independent Iraq, weight loss, This is really an implicit trajectory passed away tears left unattended; hand empty No, a Refreshing, but only to years of famine to go and stop off.

the memory of those young and frivolous, such as yellowing of old photographs in front of a one to repeat. Miss the partners in groups, anywhere in the squat edifice of glass balls lying scenario; dismay that pretends to have no intention to walk from the pretty little girl beside him and then turn around and take a look at her look white a href = ' zhuanti/113_Index.html '> Birds Woodland ditch Na Zhao Huan Ying irresolute a href =' '> love, but often that class brothers and partners in the face of a girl blowing The zestful ------< br>
How do I word 20 contains an instant cloud passed away? Undying I miss the Iraqi people; I am concerned I am worried about friends and confidante. Fortunately, you've Mody? Have you like me so sentimental, abandoning no less than? Ever so often reminding them of childhood, as I cross every family and his childhood hippie?

can not think of those who play too much trouble tear of emotion; assemblies do not come you and I have been singing together in high school; Yela die, Body and Spirit are all passed away, let all my memories with the crisp their autumn, the autumn wind blows, together with dispersed. At this point, I just want one person to sit quietly under a tree Indus; listening ear breeze of the yin language; and then wind down quietly counting the number of yellow leaves: a, 2 ~ ~
MBT shoes clearance 
2008 years, October 10

clear understanding of Huai-empty

in Thailand Vocational-[Editor: everything go not ring true of Health] to see the author's space?


accidentally knocked coffee hurriedly recalled again this has been gradually forgotten drawer has not locked in, and perhaps deliberately so remember the need to refuse to lock the memory, a little do not want to turn over, subconsciously avoiding the good memories of this archive, those diaries, those paper cranes, and those who already are no longer flashing Lucky Star, but in another reminder to me ... the original ... I still have the & ldquo ; former "...-< br>
good good memories, but it has nothing to do with me ...! Do not have the heart to turn collections of so many years of diary, Tang Guowu lovely, childlike and today I seemed a bit out of tune, though now I still do not want to distinguish between who is Mia, who is Myra, seems to have not known before Let me think: a life more pure than before, more memorable, more memorable with the recall, and more worthy of an occasional night where dreams will be a little hazy fantasy ... Mira and Mia is on the cover with a smile, seemingly very Sweet lived in two of the world, and my heart was actually a bit impulsive, and we have the conflict of being their own share of hidden inside suppressed emotions ...--< br>
quietly carton That lay several hundred paper cranes, to forget the number, but clearly aware that some of the characters is written in the inside, and sentence by sentence I read, moved off, and for this a bit silly of the excerpt before, put it light transfer of light to another can be saved to eternal diary inside, and then the occasional Fannong a, with a smile, or frown in close, do not want to continue with such a sad and uncomfortable ... and gradually, they had forgotten that the Many who have memories of smiling ...

gradually dim, and gradually, no-flicker of light, Lucky seems to know their mission is not a continuation of the necessary, insidious, and very silent Select a loss of luster, while those colors are still bright, though they still die crease edge, regardless, though on the confetti off the people who are already in love with the person of another flatter Chan Xiao, although I still look at it, still imagine that when she was sent bright giggle ...-< br>
- in fact that this "sad * countercurrent into a river" and the book, "Ordinary World" and a sweater, a scarf is not in the drawer years, but looking at these, I can clearly remember, can think of, once the space has been vacant for me and her to maintain a share of every person see the well-being, now, do not need, and although some sentimental reason, but really just sad and sentimental a .-

- walked with me and she has had work hand in hand in the Gan River, the letter riverside, together read 81 Park at dusk, Fountain Square seen relaxed and together climb over the forest park, along with a small house in the Phoenix Mountain strange feelings of two of the world, along with walking the walk rather red bridge, on a crowded bus, big Barry's discomfort on the train hugged, and those with a pleasant hotel, Guang Xin Yuan before the awkward, music floor next to the roaring, the stations, and others regardless of the kiss, and I often committed by a cold, she always allowed when the holidays are in the Very often, a reminder of love is always so beautiful ...-< br>
Today, all they are nothing but have not had the discount MBT shoes possibility of one kind or another, a touch of sadness, the only that it is possible to disturb an irrelevant people's lives, not a share of that people can stick to for a long time love, but also no this can go to find an excuse for their own reason. Exit and escape, has no more boundaries, then have no love and not love the exploration necessary. .

[Editor: Yu Yu Rou, such as silk] to see the author's space?

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